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Alive & Well In The Mitten

We made it! I last left you on the release day of High Country Hiatus. The album is selling well both digitally and physically. It is now time to start the push into publishing, video production and so much more. If you know anyone in the crazy world that is the music industry, please refer them my way! There are endless possibilities for this music, and I haven't even scratched the surface of where it can and will eventually end up.

Since the release of HCH, We have traveled across 2 countries, 12 states, 20+ venues and more cities and towns than I want to attempt to count at the moment. We have stayed/visited with family and old friends along the way, some of which we have not seen in years. We camped in and/or visited The Smith River, Redwoods National Park, The Columbia River Gorge, Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Shoshone National Forest, Arapahoe & Roosevelt National Forest, Rocky Mountain National Park and Shawnee National Forest. We have enjoyed mind-blowing BBQ in Kansas City (both KS and MO) and St. Louis. We discovered top notch Thai food in Denver,CO and Ojai, CO, and realized that a $.99 Maruchan Instant Lunch (Cup 'O Noodles) is just as good, if not better, than when we were kids.

It has not all been roses though. Poor Frank (The F150) has sustained some serious damage. He is currently in the shop for a weird "engine noise", that has turned into what we are being told requires an "engine rebuild" (Thank goodness for warranties). In addition to that, we were caught in a severe hail storm a couple of weeks ago in Ft. Collins, CO. We stopped by Odell Brewing Company for a beer the day before I was scheduled to play there. As the skies turned stormy on their lush and impressive patio, an employee came over a loudspeaker to inform everyone of a "tornado warning". Moments after that, we heard a loud bang on the roof of the brewery. Then another. What fell at our feet was something of legend, "Golf Ball" sized hail. Neither of us had seen anything like this before. Before we knew it, we were under attack from the heavens. Jonesy, BZ, the rest of the patio patrons and I ran for cover inside the tasting room. It lasted for maybe 10 minutes, but caused damage that the good people of Ft. Collins are still dealing with today. Skylights throughout the brewery were destroyed, plants and flowers on the patio ripped to shreds, and a parking lot that was a mixed bag of broken windshields, pierced hatchback windows and severely dented vehicles. Frank's windshield was slightly cracked, and more than half of his body covered in damage. SO, once the engine is rebuilt, he will be spending an undetermined amount of time gettin back to his beautiful self at a body shop.

After having the last week off to regroup, we are about to put this train in motion again. Even though it will be in a rental car for hopefully a brief stint, we are excited to bring some High Country Rock 'N Roll to the good people of Michigan!

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